FreeBoot tutorial

RGH/JTAG — it’s a method of booting cracked OS(Freeboot) on xbox360.

  • Launching unsigned code
  • All security checks are disabled
  • ability to use ANY SATA hard drive 
  • Ability to change skin of GUI and much more

… and all these features give you next pros:

  • You can boot linux on xbox360!
  • Boot games from any device you want (HDD, USB, over network)
  • Unlock content (XBLA, DLC….)
  • Remove different limits(ping patch to play games using LiNK plugin or xlink kai)
  • Unsigned code — different apps developed by homebrew developers that give you to play games using different emulators(sega, psx, snes…), watch MKVs, manage files (copy, delete between storage devices), patch games and much more…
  • if you have flashed DVD-Rom on your x360 you don’t have to worry about XGD2/XGD3-patched discs — they should run without any problems
  • not possible to sign into Xbox Live, but you have kind of alternate to play «online» — FSD LiNK
Let me describe you some basics of RGH/JTAG, I guess you have installed your HDD into your console (Google is your friend)
We have xbox360 with FreeBoot that means you have to find out how file system of xbox360 works, in this case we need some homebrew applications — xexmenu or freestyle dash
hdd1:/— this is the main partition of HDD where xbox360 stores content
hddX:/ — partition of xbox1 backward compatibility
File system have restrictions on single file limits more than 4 gigabytes
there are some folders inside hdd1:/
  • Content — main folder with content(games, DLCs and profiles)
  • Cache — stores System Updates downloaded from xbox Live
inside of hdd1:/Content/
  • 0000000000000000  — directory with content
  • <digits-letters> — stores profiles with saves and settings
here it is the right way installed content (for example XBLA or DLC)
yyyyyyyyy — content type
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz — file of content itself
You have to put Title Update files with name like TU_<digits> to Cache
Installing games on Xbox360
….coming soon!
Upload content through network using FTP(coming soon!)

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